The Terminator Is Back

Vancouver, ?anada - March 17, 2013: A model terminator robot from the movie Terminator. The Terminator is a type of military robot designed to terminate humans. Terminators are built by an artificially intelligent computer called Skynet, in order to wipe out the remains of humanity after the Judgment Day.

He is certainly back, and no one’s complaining. We are talking about one of the most popular and most influential characters, not only in movie history, but in cultural history.

It may sound ironic, but the character was not even human. You have probably guessed by now that it is none other than the Terminator.

Capturing the Zeitgeist
The movie kind of captured the zeitgeist of the era when it was released. The cold war was nearing its end, science fiction and tech fantasy was in the forefront of the public’s consciousness, not to mention hairsprays and big earrings.

The story of a cyborg killing machine sent back in time to bump off the mother of a future leader was just perfect for the time. The various ingredients mashed perfectly together to create a stirring tale that gave us a sneak peek into an apocalyptic future.

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A Technical Marvel
One of the things that stood out in The Terminator was the special effects. There is a scene where the titular character, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, peels back the skin of his forearm to reveal the nuts and bolts that the cyborg is made of. Even by today’s standards the effects used in the scene make it as real as it possibly can be.

A James Cameron Classic
The Terminator was one of the earliest efforts of a film-maker who would go on to redefine the Hollywood blockbuster with movies like Titanic and Avatar. Back then James Cameron was a rising star, honing his craft.

The Terminator movie provided a display of his immense story-telling prowess that would later power the second instalment of the same movie. Take a closer look, and you will find top notch acting performances, too, especially by Linda Hamilton who played Sarah Connor.

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