The Stars Of Terminator

The Terminator was not just a great action movie. It was an excellent sci-fi movie that introduces the audience into James Cameron’s futuristic world full of robots and people fighting to survive. In the 1980s, the movie went on to become one of the biggest surprise hits. Featuring an exhilarating story line and special effects that held moviegoers in awe. The first release shows characters that travel from the year 2029 to the year 1984 in pursuit of Sarah Connor. A carefree waitress thrust right in the middle of a war to save the world from androids. Apparently, Connor is the mother to yet to be born, John Connor, who will lead the resistance against machines in future. To create this great movie, The Terminator features some of the best actors in the world. Want to know what they’ve been up to as you head into 2029? Read on to find out.

This Isn’t So Bad Either

Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800 101) is easily one of the most recognisable action stars in the world, and this movie certainly helped him become a household name. After his starring role in The Terminator, Schwarzenegger rose to the A-list category of Hollywood stars and has since appeared in more than 40 movies. He has played comedic roles in hits like True Lies and Kindergarten Cop and flexed his massive muscles in The Expendables franchise and Total Recall. After his stint as the Governor of California, the 68-year old is set to add 2018’s, The Predator, reboot into his list of numerous acting projects. Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) was utterly unknown before her role in the iconic movie project. However, her performance that saw Connor graduate from a carefree waitress to a finally empowered warrior, making her an instant celebrity. Hamilton has also featured in a sequel blockbuster, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and, the character Sarah Connor returns in Terminator 6 after 25 years. Hamilton has appeared in everything from popular TV dramas like Weeds and cult films like Children of the Corn. In recent times, she has featured in Defiance and A Sunday Horse.

Saving The World Is Not A Solo Effort

However, for Kyle Reese, this was not a hard task to do as he kept his word to keep Sarah Connor alive. It probably helped that he was also in love with her. It’s through his efforts and feelings that Sarah becomes pregnant with John – the man who would eventually grow up to become the leader of the most significant resistance force against the Skynet domination. Michael Biehn, the actor, has worked on several TV and film projects, but none of them has currently brought him the status that came with The Terminator. He has appeared in Planet Terror, and his voice featured in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Aliens: Colonial Marines games. You can catch the original movie during an escape with Avionero flight and catch a glimpse of the future terminator played by Franco Columbu. He’s a former Mr Olympia who works as a chiropractor and trainer, helping younger bodybuilders. He has also made an appearance on several TV shows and films including Tales From the Crypt.

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