Terminator Goofs You May Have Missed


As with any popular movie, The Terminator has come under the scrutiny of critics and fans from around the world over the years. Despite the hundreds of hours that went into filming and production in order to try and make things flawless, some goofs still managed to slip under the radar. See if you can spot these errors for yourself the next time you watch The Terminator.

Sometimes sinking up the audio and visual effects can be very tricky. In the scene where the Terminator cuts the power at the police station, we see him approach a door located at the very end of the hallway. When he fires his high powered shotgun, the audio that is supplied is actually for a machine gun and not a shotgun.

comic-con_2004_-_terminator_statueIt seems those guys working their magic in the sound effects lab may have needed to brush up on their gun research a little. Near the start of the police station shoot out scene the Terminator can be seen firing his trademark shotgun. However, in this scene the sound effect that is supplied is for an assault rifle.

Actors are not really expected to be experts on handling guns, no matter how good they look in the movies. The actor who played Reece on screen clearly shows that he is rather unfamiliar with the shotgun he’s handling. Before the start of the infamous TechNoir scene he fully loads and pumps his shotgun so that it is ready to fire. However, as soon as he sees the Terminator inside the club he needs to pump his gun once more before he can fire it.

Even bombs can cause movie goofs when you are unfamiliar with them. Although, Kyle tells Sarah that she needs to screw the end onto the pipe bomb he has made, in real life he would have to insert the fuse through the cap so that it connected with the explosive paste inside and the cap would have to be screwed on afterwards.

Those pesky sign writers sure are not as efficient as they used to be. Even those who do not have a love for guns or bombs may have spotted this obvious spelling error in the scene where the Terminator walks into the gun store. The sign hanging on the glass reads Clearnce Sale.

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