Fun Facts About The Terminator Movie


Although, Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for his action moves and muscles of steel. The Terminator was the first time that he really had to work with guns on screen. In order to prepare for the movie, the dedicated actor spent a full month preparing and during the first two weeks of shooting he even practiced stripping and reassembling different guns while blindfolded.

The Terminator was due to commence filming nine months earlier but it was postponed as Arnold Schwarzenegger finished filming Conan the Destroyer. Director James Cameron used the waiting time to good effect to work on the screenplay for Aliens.

Fans of The Terminator may remember the scene close to the start of the movie where Sarah Connor listens to a message on her answering machine from a man breaking a date with her. However, what they probably didn’t realise at the time is that this is the voice of James Cameron. Things take a turn for the weird when you realize that a few years later James Cameron and Linda Hamilton who played the role of Sarah Connor actually got married, only to get divorced later.

Belgrade, Serbia - October 1, 2015: Close up on Terminator manufactured by Hot Toys action figure, shot in home studio in Belgrade. Background is a defocused.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave people eating in a Los Angeles restaurant quite a scare one lunchtime during filming when he accidentally turned up in his full Terminator makeup complete with missing eye, burned flesh and exposed jawbone.

The role of The Terminator was originally offered to O.J. Simpson, although the offer was later retracted as the producers suspected that audiences would have trouble seeing him as a cold blooded killer.

James Cameron’s wife Gale Anne Hurd bought the first draft of the Terminator script for just $1.

In the dream sequence where the future terminator enters the human camp, the role of the future terminator is played by multiple Mr. Olympia winner Franco Columbo. As Arnie fans may know well, he also scooped up this title many times before dedicating his life to acting and in fact Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo are close friends.

James Cameron originally planned for the first movie to feature two terminators with one as a cyborg and one made completely from liquid metal. However, the technology hadn’t caught up to his vision at the time and he was forced to use only the cyborg version.

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